Custom Software


Our Goal is to Simplify Business – Your Business

The goal of our Custom Software division at Custom Information Technology is to work with cutting-edge technologies to create dynamic, data-driven systems that add value and simplicity to your business. We have tremendous experience with dozens of technologies as well as virtually every major industry. We pride ourselves in offering high-end, affordable solutions that are developed in the United States.

“Off-the-shelf” software was not designed specifically for your business. It was designed to meet the needs of thousands of businesses in dozens of different industries and fields. The benefits of custom software include but are not limited to:

Created to meet the needs and exact specifications of your company. Nobody knows your business the way that you do. You make all decisions in the design process.

Designed to be easy to use and to provide a familiar look-and-feel to off-the-shelf software.

Not limited to any particular technology.

Connect various systems currently in place in your organization or modify commercial software where possible.

All information systems in your organization can be combined to provide the highest level of use throughout your entire organization.

The screens, forms and reports look and work the way you want.

Reports are laid out and customized according to your formatting requirements.

The underlying information is stored in an industry standard database like SQL Server or MS Access.

Access your information from anywhere on the planet without difficulty.

If your business processes change, the application is updated to align with the process.

An automated system saves a tremendous amount of time and money compared to a manual paper-based system.

An automated system saves a tremendous amount of time and money compared to a manual paper-based system.


Software Tailored to Your Needs

Custom Information Technology is dedicated to providing the tailored software functionality that your business needs at a price that your company can afford.
We have expertise in many areas of business software development. Our specialties include database design and development, office and warehouse automation, barcode systems, remote access and wide-area enabled applications, and more. We spend a significant amount of our time and resources in keeping up with the latest technologies to provide our clients with the highest level of quality and greatest number of options.
We are capable of handling projects of all sizes. Whether you require a small utility to handle one particular business function or you require complete business automation, we can develop software to meet your needs perfectly. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have benefited from the efficiency and cost savings of adding custom business software to their set of information technology business solutions.
We invite you to examine our website for more information, and please contact us or request a quote to get more information on how we can help your business succeed.