A southern California warehousing company sought to expand their capabilities in product handling and inventory management. CIT was employed to provide a complete network overhaul and specialized custom software to automate and increase operations.

The Challange:

A warehousing company located in LA County needed to increase its operations in order to handle a larger inventory and become more efficient. Along with this automation a full network overhaul was needed to support the 20+ users located at several locations. Operations and communications needed to be unified across the locations.

The Solution:

Utilizing a VPN based network, CIT was able to connect all of the sites to the central office where email, custom warehouse management software, and all other operations were centralized. Employing technologies such as Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Cisco VPN, CIT added communication capability and efficiency to the network.
CIT also designed and created custom warehouse management software that automated the tracking of inventory, shipments and received product. Implementing this software reduced the need to excessive paperwork and time needed for daily operations.
CIT is currently the provider of maintenance and support for the warehousing company, handling every aspect of their network and equipment.

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