Virtualization and Cloud Computing

If you don’t have a virtualization strategy, you need one. The traditional server-desktop infrastructure is still valuable in today’s businesses, but the changeover is quickly approaching. The demand from many software vendors is to have a single server for their application. This is to ensure that it operates at peak performance. The problem is when you have multiple applications that require isolation, your infrastructure grows unnecessarily. This is where Virtualization and Cloud Computing make sense.

Without using Server Virtualization, the expenses of hardware, software and maintenance for can add up fast. A slightly larger upfront investment can allow for continued growth with very little additional expense. Today’s hardware can easily handle multiple servers with proper design and deployment. This makes Server Virtualization a must have for ANY small business, medium business or large business.
The logical extension of Server Virtualization is Desktop Virtualization. Simply put, you extend your infrastructure beyond the server and utilize the same resources to Virtualize your Desktops. Because of the advancements in both hardware and virtualization software, Desktop Virtualization today can deliver the same user experiences as a full PC. However, you get lower TCO, quick deployment and better management tools giving your business the flexibility it needs.
In theory, the addition of Cloud Computing you can further the efficiency of your IT. But, however alluring the thoughts of Cloud Computing are, you don't want to do it alone. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Rackspace all have offerings for you to ‘easily’ enter the world of the cloud, but you need someone who knows technology to help you make that decision. This involves determining if it is a good fit for your business and what aspects of your IT needs can be moved. Don’t go it alone.

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