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A southern California based printing company wanted to enhance their business capability using technology as the catalyst. CIT’s expertise was called upon to plan and facilitate this growth by implementing new business technologies and custom software.

The Challange:

A Southern California based printing company wanted to enhance operations and communications with it’s already established sites in Calexico and Mexico; as well as automate their factory and warehousing facilities. Methods previously employed to communicate and run day to day operations were un-reliable and inefficient. Emails and cell phones were the basis on which important business meetings would be conducted, making those meetings time consuming and very in-efficient. Along with increasing communications with the remote facilities, an automation process needed to be developed to increase the efficiency of operations.

The Solution:

From the beginning, CIT has been at this company’s side as IT consultants and system administrators to help them grow from a modest 5 workstations to 6 server/40+ workstation fully integrated network with VoIP and multi site VPN. CIT started by analyzing the operations of this printing company to find out exactly how their daily processes flow. From that point CIT could model custom built operations software to match all of the manual processes and fully automate them. The custom software handles anything from warehouse management, workflow and inventory management to employee tracking and cost estimation.
To enable all of the remote facilities to be able to use this software and connect to a centralized database, a multi site VPN was implemented. This opened the door to handling the other big issue of communication between the sites. Teleconferencing systems were installed at their major remote facilities utilizing high grade Cisco/Polycom equipment and the established VPN. Now all of the key players could sit at their respective conference tables and have remote meetings as if everyone was in the same room.
To take things a step further, a VoIP phone system was installed with the central hub located at their headquarters in the Inland Empire. Again utilizing the VPN, the remote sites got VoIP networks extended off of the hub at the HQ. Communication was now seamless and information flowed freely throughout the entire company.
To this day CIT is contracted to handle maintenance and support for the company's entire network.

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