Medical Research

A medical research company in the Inland Empire required assistance with the moving of their network to a new facility. Not only did their existing network need to be moved and re-configured, but a brand new infrastructure needed to be installed in the new facility to handle a larger network with VoIP.

The Challange:

A medical research company needed to move and upgrade their existing network to a new, larger facility that would handle more users and equipment. In addition to the network upgrade, the capability for a VoIP network needed to be installed to replace their existing phone system. The new facility needed infrastructure wiring and new server equipment as well.

The Solution:

Basically starting from scratch rather than bringing old problems over from the existing network, CIT built everything from the ground up, including the server equipment. The new facility got a new CAT6 infrastructure with dedicated data and voice lines. CIT handled all of the termination and testing before the workstations and brand new server, built and configured by CIT, were brought over and connected. In addition to the new data infrastructure, a new VoIP system was installed using ShoreTel and Cisco Equipment.
CIT is currently the primary support provider for this company and handles all of their network and computer related issues, including interfacing with specialized medical equipment and Web Site services.

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