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IT Consulting Services generally don't provide tangible goods. To use an IT Consultant, people must have trust in the individual doing the work and its supporting organizations. This trust is something that CIT has been working on for over 10 years. Our Promises page is our public declaration of how we strive to build that trust with our clients.

Our staff works daily with growing businesses in one of the toughest and most unique markets in the world. Let that street 'knowhow' and understanding benefit your business before your competition. From high level IT discussions, to research and budgeting we have it covered. With solutions ranging from IT Solutions to Desktop Support to Virtualization to Server and Network Design, our staff of trained professionals won't let you down when you need us the most. CIT should be your one stop. Call us today to find out how.

CIT's IT Consulting Services Include:

  • Desktop Support

  • Full Service IT Support

  • Managed IT Services

  • CTO Services

  • Budget Planning

  • Network Design

  • Network Analysis and Evaluations

  • Workflow Planning

  • Solutions Integration

  • Windows Support

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Support

  • Security Policy Audits, Configuration and Lockdowns

  • Construction Plan Review

  • Relocation Serivces

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