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CIT, working in conjunction with a major government contractor, was contacted by a municipal government association. This organization had grown beyond the capabilities of their in-house IT professionals. With more than 30 servers and 200 workstations, CIT would be responsible for the day to day management of the entire network.

The Challange:

Virtually every one of over 30 servers was considered mission critical to the organization, and much of the server hardware was becoming old and outdated. Not only were the servers difficult to manage, but they were extremely costly to power. The 200+ workstations were also near end-of-life.

The Solution:

After coordinating the selection and acquisition of replacements, CIT began the processes of designing and implementing a server/workstation upgrade plan. The 30+ servers were consolidated down to 4 VMWare virtualization servers. This significantly decreased the complexity of maintaining these servers while reducing energy costs by 90% (which equated to nearly $10K per month). After the server migration, the workstations were replaced, and software was upgraded across the organization.
Upon completion of the migration, CIT managed the day to day network operations including: server maintenance, workstation support, help desk, backup management, etc

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