Fuel Transportation

A petroleum transport company was looking to unify and enhance its communication and operations with its various remote locations and affiliate companies. They needed to be able to centralize their network and communications to their headquarters located in the Inland Empire and allow seamless communication and networking between the satellite offices.

The Challange:

A petroleum transport company based in the Inland Empire sought to create a wide area network amongst its remote sites and affiliate companies in order to make operations and communications easy and more efficient. In addition to an enhancement of their current network, a VoIP system was to be implemented utilizing MPLS technology to communicate with the remote sites.

The Solution:

CIT planned and implemented a multi site wide area voice and data network using Cisco and Shoretel equipment. By using MPLS technology, a fully integrated voice and data network was extended from the headquarters to all of the remote locations thereby unifying all communication company wide. On top of the new voice equipment, several servers were commissioned to handle various company operations including terminal services for the remote offices.
CIT has continued to work closely with this company and provides regular service and support to maintain and extend the life of their equipment.

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